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02:36am 03/07/2005

09:01pm 25/05/2005
mood: hopeful
Master's and fellow Jedi. I wish to give you all a warm hello and would like to say that I am honored to be in this temple training to be a Jedi Knight. Thank you.
03:03pm 20/05/2005
Your Amazing Yoda Sex Line

"Foreplay, cuddling - a Jedi craves not these things."

01:09pm 17/05/2005

Star Wars Horoscope for Gemini

Like most Geminis, you are a playful little creature.
You tend to be extremely curious, craving knowledge but sometimes having a short attention span.
For the most part, you are charming and loveable.
But at times, you can seem scattered and high-strung.

Star wars character you are most like: Ewoks

Greetings, fellow Jedi! 
03:58pm 05/05/2005
  My name is obi_wan. I am a new member of this community, though I believe I know some of you from an earlier time. I have recently re-activated my journal and hope to join in the exciting happenings leading up to the release of Episode III.

Thank you.
01:58am 04/05/2005
OMG I JUST SAW ROTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello New Jedi here! 
02:29pm 24/07/2004
mood: excited
the idea of a "Shadow Jedi" intrigues me! Btw...what does it mean to be in a Community?...so far i understand that i can post what i want to say and all others in it can read what i have on my mind. but is that all? will i acctually be in touch with people? i dunno...so anywho...i am full of questions about being in the New Jedi Order. any help would be appreciated. May the Force be with you.

Fett's Vette Lyrics 
06:33pm 03/05/2004
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tap it 
08:32pm 31/03/2004
mood: calm
I am new. I think I will enjoy this group. For many years I have been hoping to tap into the unseen energy that many have come to call the force.
just in case you missed it.... 
02:19pm 17/02/2004
  just in case you missed it....
the place to be..!!
kool toy fair pix's and much other things soon to come..!!
01:18am 30/10/2003
09:37am 29/09/2003
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Which Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi Character are you? by airame
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07:18am 18/08/2003


i belive u need winamp...
was just talking to someone about this....... 
01:38pm 08/08/2003
  my star wars movie list is from most fav to least ESB,AOTC,ROTJ,ANH, then TPM.

ppl reply with ur list's as well.....
General Call 
05:51pm 12/05/2003
mood: peaceful
I would like to have everyone who is interested in the rp to just throw a comment onto here. I am currently trying to get some of the other people who were helping "lead" the rp back. So relax, knock back a cold one and hopefully we can get this show rolling

Brando Darksaber
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04:44pm 11/06/2003
mood: calm
*bows*..Hullo... I am Jedi Padawan Kersti F... and... I recently joined this commnity. I am a shadow/uber jedi(no one knows it yet..not even my master..shush!) and... if you wish to know more about me, read my profile...
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Unrest and Silence 
02:27am 27/04/2003
mood: accomplished
The silence in this place is deafening. If an of you want to star rp-ing again leave a comment, if yall don't want to thats fine as well.
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12:44pm 01/03/2003
mood: thoughtful
hello. My name's Andrey, but you can call me Depp.

I've been studying Jedi stuff for a little while and training too. I'm interested in learning the shadow way. if you are ver at the JEDI Academy, then you might recognise me as Igan Casai (that's my jedi name).

I'm actually interested in practical applications.

Just wanted to say hello.

02:35pm 27/06/2002
mood: sore
The first sensation that seemed to wash over me was the feeling of cold. It wasn't just any normal cold; it was infinate and lifeless. It was pure ice. I noticed that it wasn't only the atmosphere that was adding to it, it was the freezing floor. A simple and plain metal floor was all that occupied the room; no furniture or a seat to sit on, just a floor and walls.

I laid on the ground, on my side and I didn't move for a minute and let my eyes do the observation for me. All I heard was the echo of my breathing, but I soon came to realize that it wasn't only my own, but someone elses. I rolled over slightly, a sharp pain ripping through me and my head began to throb. My eyes focused on the figure that sat in the corner, inaudible and unmoving. My heart sank when I noticed it was Halmi Daspa, the Jedi Knight who had been heading to Yavin IV with me.

I remembered vivid images before everything seemed to fade to black and I woke up to find myself here. I was writing a log so I could send it to Brando and Altaira to let them know that I was coming with Halmi back home because the feeling that I over-stayed my welcome had crept inside me and the feeling that something was not right had entered my consious mind. I saw a ship outside the cockpit window. It was rather large and I caught myself wondering what a ship was doing alone in the sector we had been in.

Before I could do anything, the system went completely dead. The lights went off and nothing had been functioning the way it had before. I tried to contact Halmi, but nothing worked. The ship came closer and the next thing I knew, I found myself in the cell that held the utter cold inside of it.

I pulled myself up with as much strength in me as I could muster and crawled over to Halmi. I sighed heavily and shook him slightly, whispering his name and using the Force to try and ease him out of his state. His eyes opened to look into mine and I smiled softly in reassurance.

"Lysthea?" He asked almost in a mumble, almost as if I was just a dream to him and I wasn't real. I nodded.

"Halmi, can you get up? You have to get up and we have to get out of here."

His eyes turned away from mine and he stared at the room that we were locked in. There were no windows, but we knew we were on a ship because we could feel the engines running underneath the metallic body of the vessel. "Where ever 'here' is." He said, getting up slowly.

I gently helped him up and I noticed a small gash on his forehead. I frowned. "Are you sure you're okay to move? I see you're hurt."

"I'm fine." He assured and stood up with me. He touched his wound gently and flinched.

"No, you're not fine." I looked on my utility belt and found a small pouch I kept on it. I opened it and took out a small peice of fabric. "If I had some disinfectant and water, we'd be able to clean that up. For now, use this." I handed him the white cloth and he took it and dabbed it on his cut.

I walked to what I knew was the door. I stood in front of it and stared in silence, pondering about a way I could use to get it open. I had nothing on me really. I was lucky I even had that cloth for Halmi. My sias were gone with my lightsaber. Anything constructive that I could use had been stripped from me. I sighed heaviy and turned back to Halmi.

"You got any bright ideas?"

He shook his head slowly and stepped beside me and stared at the door. "No. I think we'll have to wait it out and see what happens. There's no way we can get out of this room."

"We may not live long enough to see what happens." I glanced over at him and he stared down at me. "I'm not scared." I assured, feeling his curiousity. "I don't like this either. The problem is I don't have a clue to what's going on at all."

Halmi raised a brow before going to sit back down on the floor. I followed him and sat down beside him, running my hands over my stomach unconsiously. "Is the baby alright?" He asked and I nodded but didn't say a word. "I think I have an idea on what's going on."

I stared.

"I think it's Sidious."

The name ran shivers down my spine when I heard it. I remembered what Brando went through with his former master and I was left to think about what would happen if it was Sidious who had me and Halmi in his custody.

It wasn't long before a guard stepped through the door, shoving his blaster at the both of us. There wasn't only one as we had first thought, but plenty. I glared at them menacingly, giving them hopeful hints to who they were messing with, but I don't think that scared them much if Sidious was behind this.

We were forced to get up and walked out of the room with the assisstance of a few destroyer droids who walked on their spider stilts after us, holding their guns at ready.

This wasn't good, definately not good at all.
10:11am 18/06/2002
  I've never felt lonely before. Didnt have anyone to miss. It is unsettling and rather strange. Anyway, Lysthea is off to Coruscant and the Company I hired to renovate the Massasi temple is almost done. I believe I will go on a trip to, I have a long overdue appointment with Count Dooku and I could use some company other than the contractor's. It's a good thing i bought that second ship for Lysthea with the extra cargo room. She asked for me to get her a second card so she could go shopping, and seeing as it is one of the thing's she almost never did I believe I might go broke. But I am off now. Oh and if there is any Jedi who need's a change of scenery, everything should be in order by the time I return and we would welcome you.