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new_jedi_order's Journal

The New Jedi Order
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There is no Difference, There is no Evil
There is no Good, There is no Light,
There is no Dark, There is only the Force

The Jedi Order has stood for over a thousand year's yet they have always taught the same flawed teaching. The Force is fragmented into the Light being good and the Dark being bad. Why must the Dark side be evil. Is it not part of the Force?

Here, we teach both areas of the Force, Light and Dark. We train those who wish to be Uber or Shadow Jedi as well as those who wish to be trained to be Light Jedi. Masters, Knights and Padawans dwell here to learn and practice what they have learned in hopes of growing to respect oth aspects of the Force.

Shadow Jedi:The Shadow Side; Force users on the edge of Dark and Light, using them in harmony and achieving a balance such that they follow neither side fanatically. Moreover Shadow Side Force users adapt their Force ability to the situation they are in. A Shadow user will not use the Light side when what is called for is the Dark. Most Dark Side users give themselves completely to the Darkside and use their abilities only to commit evil acts of hate, anger, aggression and fear. Whereas a Light Side user only uses the Force for good such as defence and knowledge.

Light Jedi:A Light Jedi is one who manipulates the Force to help others, Light Jedi are inherently good using the force only to, protect and gain knowledge. Light Jedi never use the force for attack, for personal gains of any kind or for motives which could be considered 'questionable'. In essence a Light Jedi is someone who society suggests would should all be like, The Light Jedi is something most Force Adepts strive for but never reach. Unfortunately there is the problem of Human Nature which tends to conflict with the Ideals of a Light Jedi. Human Nature can of course be suppressed, and in the case of many Light Jedi this is done very well, however it is not a path which is easily trod.

This Temple is run under Jedi:

Brando Darksaber (jedi_darksaber)


Lysthea Kenobi (lysthea_kenobi (E-mail: angel_of_heaven9@hotmail.com, MSN Username: angel_of_heaven9@hotmail.com, AIM: AngelLysa26)

Yavin IV

The fourth moon of the planet Yavin houses the temples and ruined buildings of the now-vanished Massassi race, and once served as the primary base for the Rebel Alliance. The moon is covered with a wild, largely unexplored jungle composed of towering Massassi trees.

Over four thousand years ago the dark Sith magician Naga Sadow, under a death sentence from the current Sith Lord, fled to Yavin 4 with his followers where he could practice his Dark Side alchemy in peace. Sadow hid his starship and his alchemic equipment beneath the Sith Temple of Fire. Sadow's alchemy helped create many monsters, including a warrior species called the Massassi designed to guard Sadow's Yavin 4 legacy. The Massassi, the mutated descendants of the ancient Sith, gradually devolved into a primitive but dangerous people, using the Dark Side to augment their archaic weapons. When the Dark Jedi Exar Kun arrived on Yavin 4, he enslaved the Massassi and had them construct new temples as focal points for Sith power. When a united group of Jedi tried to stop him, the resulting battle caused the destruction of most of the moon's jungles and the deaths of the remaining Massassi and Kun was forced to trap his spirit within the temples in order to survive. Thousands of years later, the Alliance constructed its primary base within the abandoned temples. The first Imperial Death Star was destroyed (in what is now referred to as the Battle of Yavin) as the station attempted to fire its superlaser on Yavin 4. During the fighting, an Imperial pilot named Qorl crashed his damaged TIE in the moon's jungles and fruitlessly awaited rescue. The Rebel base was abandoned following the battle, but the Great Temple was used eleven years later as the location of Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy.

The pyramidal Great Temple lies between two broad rivers and lies near the ruins of the Palace of the Woolamander. The top of the Temple houses an observation deck, and below that is the vast grand audience chamber. Below the chamber are housing levels, and the ground level contains the Communications Center, common rooms, and the Alliance's former War Room. The Temple's hangars are located underground. Yavin 4's flora includes nebula orchids, feather ferns, and blueleaf shrub. Indigenous life in Yavin 4's jungles include the social (and edible) woolamanders, mucous salamanders, purple jumping spiders, piranha beetles, lizard crabs, whisper birds, fur-covered runyips, crystal snakes, stump lizards, ravenous stintarils, a six-legged, tusked beast with tentacled eyes, and flying, two- headed reptiles created during the time of Exar Kun.

Source: Force Academy