Brando Darksaber (jedi_darksaber) wrote in new_jedi_order,
Brando Darksaber


I've never felt lonely before. Didnt have anyone to miss. It is unsettling and rather strange. Anyway, Lysthea is off to Coruscant and the Company I hired to renovate the Massasi temple is almost done. I believe I will go on a trip to, I have a long overdue appointment with Count Dooku and I could use some company other than the contractor's. It's a good thing i bought that second ship for Lysthea with the extra cargo room. She asked for me to get her a second card so she could go shopping, and seeing as it is one of the thing's she almost never did I believe I might go broke. But I am off now. Oh and if there is any Jedi who need's a change of scenery, everything should be in order by the time I return and we would welcome you.
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